Long-Hair Scorpia Fever Swim Cap


Get your groove on and party in the pool with our long-hair funky fever swim cap. Adding some 70s style to every swim session, and perfect if you find a standard adult-size cap a little too tight.

With good stretch and chlorine resistant, our long-hair Scorpia swim caps are made from super-soft 100% silicone, and perfect for swimmers looking for a larger, more comfortable fit. All swimming caps are packaged in individual frosted zip-lock bags for storing between use.

How to apply: To make sure there’s no painful hair snagging, add a little water to your locks before putting on the swim cap. It’ll make all the difference!

Between Use: Rinse in cold water and wipe dry. To keep in tip-top condition, try adding a sprinkle of talcum powder to the inside of your cap and pop in your zip lock bag between use. Do not leave in direct sunlight.


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